To Pop or not to Pop

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On Sunday, I was doing the ‘I’m a great boyfriend’ thing, making my lovely little lady a morning cuppa and some toast—she loves Marmite—and with disgust, I spread on the brown muck.

Now, Marmite is renowned for its love/hate relationship.

This got me thinking – what is a love/hate relationship between the web and the marketing world!?


Love them or hate them they can be a great way to increase sign-up rates.

They can help you achieve an average conversion rate boost of 1-4% of new site visitors.

This may not sound like much but if you’re seeing regular traffic of around 1000 new sessions a month to your site or blog that’s a steady 10 new potential customers a month.

Quality over quantity

There is a common perception that people that sign up for your guides and free downloads don’t want anything else from you. Never underestimate the power of the list; no matter how someone subscribes to it you have the potential to sell and promote your service.

So let’s take a look at what type of pop-ups are available and whether or not they should be part of your marketing and list building plan. Oh, and how not to piss off every single visitor to your website.

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Cookie Delayed Pop-up’s

This enables you to place a cookie on your website that will fire the pop-up based on a certain amount of time, page visits or how far they’ve scrolled down the page.

So for example a first time visitor may hit your site – the pop-up will show after 5 seconds with an offer of a free ebook or a discount  for your first orders.

Warning – be sure to set these up properly though – There’s nothing more annoying than you closing a pop-up and it shows up again in 10 seconds.

If you bombard people with something that they can’t get rid of they are more likely to leave your site without leaving any details – Not good.

Exit Pops

A pop-up that shows as you go to exit the page, asking you to stay or offering you an incentive for signing up before leaving or actually staying on the page.

Action-based pop-ups  – Click Pop

It’s a cool name and one of the most effective types of pop-ups there are.

A click pop will only show when  the user clicks on the button – they may be expecting to go to another page but they see the pop-up instead asking for details.

We currently deploy these on our site and we’re in the process of building more into the site as you read. You can see this type of pop-up in action here:

These types of pop-ups are great for boosting conversion rates for your content; the ability to keep the user on the page and not take them somewhere new.

Based on conversations with friends using these types of pop-ups and doing some research we found that using this type of sign-up against a traditional web form was over 2%. Thats a big difference!

Interested in using these pop-ups? How can you deploy these on your site?

The right tools for the job…Here’s a few of the tools I recommend for adding pop-ups to your site;  these be used in conjunction with lots of different sites. – Very simple to add to your site, no matter what your sites built in. A monthly charged service that allows you to create pop-ups quickly and easily,integrate it with marketing tools like Mailchimp and Infusionsoft without any fuss.

Got a WordPress site – Pop-up maker is a great plugin for this.

Leadpages or Click funnels—Both come with Click pop functionality that you can easily add to your site with a little code.

To wrap it up…

Now that you know the different types of pop-ups, are you going to put them on your site?

Just because they piss you off doesn’t mean you should leave them out of your plans, they can be a real key conversion tool.

The truth is that the popularity will continue to rise, and within a few years, that will prove to be as common as your standard download forms are – so get ahead of the game and start using it now!

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