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So, I was sitting down to my traditional Friday fish and chips after a long week in the office and I had a brainwave… your website should be a fishing boat packed with an abundant catch.

Intrigued, keep reading to find out what what the hell I’m on about…

One question: Would you fish without a net?

So then how do you expect to catch new leads if there’s nothing to hook them?

Sure, your website can inform, educate, advise, update, which is great, but what’s in it for you? Are you happy spending all that money, all that time for someone to eat your fish for free? No? Good.

And why should you.

If you do one thing to improve your business today, make ‘adding data capture to my website’ that thing.

Data capture is all about turning cold surfers into warm prospects into paying customers; it’s a journey and the only way you’re going to build your business.

So let’s start with the cold internet surfers by thinking of good data capture like…say, a successful fishing trip?

  1. You choose your pond (Your ideal customer)
  2. You attach your bait (Something of interest that will get them to bite – a lead magnet)
  3. You throw your rod (Google Ads, Facebook Ads – bring them to your page)
  4. You ‘set the hook’ (Gripping copy, clear message and call to action)
  5. You ‘grip’, ‘anchor’, ‘pull’ and ‘lift’ (direct and encourage them to leave their details in an opt-in form)
  6. You have your picture taken with your ‘catch of the day’

BOOM. Data captured, they’re now a warm lead. 

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So now what? You’ve got your little fish, it’s happily swimming in a pond with the other fish, but it’s time to think of dinner – which fish is going to give you the best return for your fishing trip efforts?

  1. You ensure the tank is what the fish expected (An email with a downloadable link to the lead magnet – something of value)
  2. You keep the tank well ventilated (Second email: how did you get on?)
  3. You keep the fish well fed (Third, fourth, fifth email – remind them you’re still there)
  4. Those that aren’t hungry won’t bother biting (Expect unsubscribes)
  5. You ‘test the water’ (Sixth email contains a killer offer and a deadline)
  6. The right fish won’t hide when you press your nose to the glass (They’re now a paying customer)

You and I both know it’s not always that simple and every website is different. If you want to discuss how to incorporate data capture into your website then it’s well worth a chat with the guy who sure knows his rod from his cod 😉

Now go catch those fish!

Thanks for reading,

The Captain Birdseye of Websites!

PS… what’s your Friday night dinner tradition? Does anybody remember Dandy burgers?

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