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Do you know how successful your marketing really is?

Loads of businesses do everything right when it comes to their marketing. They spend money on good design, they trust a professional copywriter, they invest time and effort in coming up with a logical strategy. But six months in, and they’re still not making any money.

What one thing are they missing?

They continue on blindly, trusting their initial instincts about strategy and activity. They throw more and more money at marketing until things start to look a bit grim, profits-wise. They’re still not doing that one thing that would allow them to start converting customers.

Can you tell what it is yet?

I’ll tell you: measuring. If you’re not analysing past work and results and using it to inform your future efforts – what’s the point? You might as well be blindly stabbing in the dark. Measuring the success – or failure – of your marketing lets you in on what channels are most popular for what kind of content, what your customers are responding most positively to, and what products are performing the best.

If you’re not sure how to start measuring the success of your marketing activities, here’s my quick start guide on what to measure and how.

  • Web traffic

If your business is online (which I sincerely hope it is! But if not, I can …) how many visitors you have coming to your website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is one of the most important metrics you can track. It will effectively reveal how strong your web presence is. If your most recent campaign was designed to drive people to your website, this number will let you know the success of that overall campaign.
You can then break this down further into where your traffic is actually coming from. Measuring email, social and direct traffic will let you know how well your channels are performing, and which ones need a kick up the butt.

  • Content downloads

Ok, so it’s great to create loads of useful content and put it on the web. But what if you’re spending all of this time and effort – and no one’s actually downloading it? It can be a harsh and humbling reality to face, but you won’t know how useful your content actually is until you track how many people are reading it.

If your content is a blogpost, web traffic and social shares will tell you this. For an e-book or whitepaper, use a programme like Unbounce to tell you how many times it’s been downloaded (Unbounce will also provide you with handy customer details for your leads database. Score!)

  • Social media engagement

You might think this one’s obvious. I can see that I’ve got 500 followers, so why do I need to measure this?

Well, social engagement is a very different thing to followers. Engagement refers to how many people are clicking on the links you send out, as well as liking and sharing your content. Social media is one of your main avenues to showcase your brand and drive traffic, so building engagement in this space is key. You can track social engagement through programmes like Hootsuite – which also lets you manage a number of different accounts and schedule your posts.

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Do you measure your marketing activity?

Let me know in the comments!

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