Keep Your WordPress Website Secure And Plugins Up To Date

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Maintain Everything From Firewalls To Plugins

Safeguarding your WordPress website is not just a matter of preference—it’s a necessity. With WordPress powering over 40% of the web, it’s a prime target for hackers and malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities. Among the myriad of security measures available, keeping your plugins up to date stands out as one of the most crucial.

Plugins are the backbone of WordPress functionality, offering a myriad of features and enhancements. However, they can also serve as entry points for cyber threats if not properly maintained. Outdated plugins are akin to leaving your front door unlocked in a rough neighborhood—they invite trouble.

Hackers often exploit known vulnerabilities in outdated plugins to gain unauthorized access, inject malicious code, or compromise sensitive data.

A Firewall Is Paramount For WordPress Security
A Firewall Is Paramount For WordPress Security

Melt Design Can Keep An Eye On Plugins

Fortify your WordPress fortress. Melt Design can look after your website with plugin updates by ensuring the following:

Regular Monitoring

We stay vigilant by regularly monitoring plugin updates. WordPress admin dashboard provides notifications for available updates. We routinely to check for updates at least once a week.

Website Backups

Before updating plugins, we always perform a full backup of your website. In the event of any issues post-update, we can easily revert to the previous version without losing data or functionality.

Prompt Updates

Once updates are available, we don’t procrastinate. Delaying updates increases the window of vulnerability, leaving your website exposed to potential threats. Update plugins promptly to patch security loopholes and ensure optimal performance.

We have an eagle on your website, so updates will be performed as soon as they are available.

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We Only Use Reliable Plugins

We only use plugins from reputable developers with a track record of frequent updates and robust security protocols. As a tip, avoid downloading plugins from unverified sources and especially those with a history of security breaches.

We Remove Unused Plugins

We trim the fat by removing unnecessary plugins. Every plugin adds a potential entry point for attackers, so streamline your arsenal to only essential tools. It also speeds up your website, improving optimisation.

We Implement Security Measures

Melt Design can enhance your website’s security with additional measures such as implementing SSL certificates, using security plugins, enforcing strong passwords, and limiting login attempts.

We Keep You Informed

We keep abreast of WordPress security news and best practices on your behalf. You can also subscribe to our newsletters, follow WordPress security blogs, and actively participate in online communities to stay informed about emerging threats and recommended safeguards.

Website Support From Melt Design
Website Support From Melt Design

Why Use Melt Design For Website Maintenance?

Melt Design are an experienced Web Design company who know the WordPress marketplace. We adopting proactive security measures, you not only safeguard your WordPress website but also uphold the trust and integrity of your brand.

Remember, in the digital realm, staying secure is not a luxury—it’s a necessity.

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