6 Ways To Get A Better ROI From Google Adwords

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website fast is using Google Adwords.

When setting up right Pay per click can become a very profitable source of new customers, the problem is so many businesses are not using Adwords efficiently meaning they are overpaying for ads, wasting money and not getting the results they want.

We asked our good friend Tash Conway over at Traffic Snap to put together six of her top tactics for that will help you maximise the return you get from Google Adwords over the next 12 months:

Check the search term report regularly

Its common to fail to check upon search term reports. However, this can result in failure to recognise which keywords are performing well.

No one wants to spend money that they don’t need to spend. Checking your report regularly will save you money, allow you to grow your negative list and give you more ideas for keywords to target. It’s a must.

Split test ads every week

A stagnant AdWords account might perform well, but if AdWords is a primary traffic source for you, then it’s vital to keep tweaking and refining ads.

This gives the best possible return for your investment. It’s a great way to demonstrate to Google that you’re effective in managing your account.

Demonstrating these sorts of things to Google all work towards ticking those best practice boxes.

Split test different landing pages

As you probably know, the ‘pay per click’ part of paid traffic is only part of the equation when it comes to generating leads and making sales from Google.The best AdWords campaign in the world is unlikely to work if it drives to the worst website in the world, which means that the quality and effectiveness of your landing pages is crucial to your success.

Set up different variations of your landing pages with subtle changes to headlines, images and calls to action. Use measuring tools like Analytics to understand how people interact with your pages will help you know where you can make positive changes and identify with language and style works best for your market – Here’s a more in-depth look at A/B split testing with Google analytics

Implement all ad extensions available in the account

Ad extensions help to create information-rich adverts. They also help you rank higher whilst paying less.

You can use, site links, call extensions, display products, client reviews and text extension.

This information can be used to help qualify visitors before they click your ad. Make sure you use the space you have available to get the highest quality visitor to your site.

The better quality you get to the site the better your conversion rates will be.

Use conversion tracking

We’re still shocked by the number of accounts lacking conversion tracking! Tracking conversions will allow you to pinpoint the exact keywords and adverts that are working best! Why would you spend money on things that don’t work? You can only optimise further if you understand what drives results and to do that, you NEED conversion tracking in place. It’s easy to set up and add to your website. Check out this guide from Google on how to set up conversion tracking

Get used to the New AdWords interface.

If you’re a current AdWords user, you’ll know that the interface has changed.

No biggie, right?

Well, no, not as long as you know how to get around it.  It’s been streamlined to make using AdWords quicker and easier. Spending time to familiarise yourself with it now will mean you can get on with managing the account without having to try and work out where to find everything

Tash Conway.

Is the owner and paid traffic expert over at Traffic Snap – they’re pretty different to most agencies in that they specialise in pay-per-click. They’re  not a jack of all trades but a master of one.

Over the past five years, They’ve worked on hundreds of Google Adwords and Facebook Ad accounts, helping business owners and entrepreneurs generate more leads and make more sales.

If you want more leads and customers, then there’s a good chance you should talk to Tash!

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