10 Commandments of Conversion Rate Optimisation

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If you’re serious about growing your marketing lists and generating more leads and more sales. You need to spend time focusing on how to make more people take you up on your offers!

The better your conversion rate the quicker you’ll build your marketing lists and you’ll make sales faster.

Over the years working in various roles with various clients. I’ve found a formula that’s helped to consistently improve conversion rates. I have this stuck to our office wall as a constant reminder whenever we build a site, page or design a flyer.

Here are my 10 commandments to improving your online world and boosting your conversions.

1 – Focus on the headline

The headline of the page will be the make or break of the ad and then the page. Try to hit a nerve with the user and demonstrate that your offer gives them a what they need to solve their problem.

2 – A call to action

Seems obvious but I see so many pages with a block of text and a form and then nowhere does the page ask for the user to take action. People aren’t mind readers unless they’re Mystic Meg!

3 – Remove friction

Friction is something that may cause someone to doubt the legitimacy of what you offer, for example – If you’re asking for card details place the payment gateways logo on the page, and put it behind a secure page. Also, adding a small disclaimer under your buttons saying “we will never share your details” can help remove friction.

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4 – Ask for as little info as possible

A very common mistake I see is asking people to jump through hoops to buy or download a free guide – I’ve seen an online quote form that was 6 pages long! By reducing that to just 4 crucial questions, the conversion rate shot up by over 73%.

5 – Clarity

Make it as clear as possible to the user what they will receive and what you want them to do to receive it so there is no confusion. Confusion is a conversion killer.

6 – Don’t use double opt-ins

Something I discovered recently was that about 15% of people who were subscribing to my lists were NOT clicking the link in the confirmation email that gets sent out… this means that although they’ve entered their details, they’re NOT an active subscriber.

7 – Add social proof to your offer

You’ve got clients that love you, use them! People won’t seek out your testimonials but when shown in the right place they can be the difference between someone filling out the form and not.

8 – Make your sign up box stand out

Put the form in a colourful or contrasting block so it stands out from the rest of the page.

9 – Auto Play video

Got a video on your page – Get it running as soon as someone hits the page. Don’t forget to end your video with a call to action.

10 – Test

Split testing is very easy to do if you have a decent website platform and can easily be set up using Google Analytics – Other tools like ‘optimizely’, all come with conversion graphs to help you to see what’s working out the best. It’s also worth testing Long pages vs Short Pages as some users prefer more copy to short copy. It’s all about finding out what works best with your market.

…Cheeky Bonus = Re-targeting

Using Re-targeting pixels can help you to continue to show your ads and offers over time. You can even delay the pixel now by a length of time so that you’re not wasting money on people that have no interest in what you have to offer.


So when building out your marketing funnels always focus on giving your visitors total, clarity of what you have, grab their attention and answer and subconscious doubts they may have with social proof. Put a few of this things into practice and you’re sure to see a positive upturn in your results.

Oh and don’t forget to test different things 🙂

I hope this helps in your quest for online domination 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Matt – Your Conversion Chief

PS. why don’t you pop a comment in below and tell me what’s worked for you, what tools you love and how you’ve managed to boost conversion rate

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